Slitting Saws

High Speed M2

The grid below displays our standard DIN off the shelf items, which are HSS M2 bright finish stocked in both (A) fine pitch and (B) coarse pitch. We also stock extra fine pitches for jewellery manufacturers or cutting screw heads. Upon request custom orders are offered for non standard sizes or to upgrade for the premium quality, (M35 cobalt + TiN coating + increased dimension tolerances). Stock imperial blades have keyway bores as standard.


Other saws - Side + Face Cutters, Side Chip Clearance Saws, Equal and Single Angle Cutters, Concave & Convex Milling, V-Cutters, Scorers, Knife Edge, Staggered Teeth, Straight Teeth. 


Ground Teeth

High Speed Steel

Solid Carbide

Hollow Ground

Imperial and Metric

Coarse (B) / Fine (A) Teeth

Ultra Fine Pitch Teeth 


10-200mm Ø


Solid Carbide

We produce carbide slitting saws in accordance to DIN 1387 / 1838. Shelf stocked as metric with no keyway and imperial saws are made to order. In comparison to HSS, Carbide offers faster cutting speeds/feed -  boasting superior cutting properties and great durability, retaining the cutting edge for longer. Ideal for production cutting to reduce component unit cost, or where arduous applications require a tougher tool.

Popular amongst the aerospace and defence industries where cutting exotic alloys requires longer tool life. Standard stock items below.

solid carbide grid sizes.jpg

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