Produced from (M2/M35), 20-600mmØ blades are available from stock HQ West Midlands, UK. We stock all the standard tooth pitches along with blanks for custom orders. All blades are hollow ground and heat treated to 64/65Hrc and Cobalt 66/67Hrc. 

Slitting Saws

From stock we keep the DiN standards 1837A (fine tooth) and 1837B (coarse tooth) made from M2 HSS DMo5 with a bright surface finish. Not only metric but also imperial sizes with the keyway bores. For arduous applications we offer our "COBALT BLUE" range which is made from M35 5% Cobalt for longer tool life and PVD coated to reduce heat damage and improve cutting speeds. Greater blade tolerances are also achieved within this range.


Chop Saws 

Cold saw blades are also produced to DiN standards and stocked in large quantities here. The general workshop blades are M2 HSS DMo5 with a steam oxide coating offering a non expensive option for general cutting. For tougher applications M35 5% Cobalt bodies and PVD coatings TiN / TiCN / TiALN ensure we have you covered no matter the requirement. Along with our Vollmer and Loroch grinding machines we can tailor blanks to any spec.




Industries Served

Compatible with Adige, Baier, Barson, Bewo, Bimax, Brobo Waldown, Conni, Demurger, Doringer, Eisele, Fabris, Femi, Fong-Ho, Harberle, IBP, Pedrazzoli, Kaltenbach, Kasto, Kinstone, Macc, Maco, Mair, MEP, Metora, Omes, O.M.P, R.G.A, Robejo, Rohbi, Scotchman, Simec, Sinico, Soco, Startrite, Stayer, Thomas, Trennjaeger, Ulmira, Viemme, Wagner, Wahlen, Weidmann, Wahlen, Weidmann, Winter, Wunsch

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