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To find your local stockist of Duracore products please get in contact via chat bar or contact us form. If you require any technical assistance we are more than grateful to offer advise

Are you tired of selling main stream brand names and not seeing much return? Duracore offers a broad range of products that challenge the big names on quality and pricing. Why pay more for just a name? 

We are a family business based in the "black country" England, an area synonymous with metal manufacturing due to its rich heritage. The CEO has over 40 years experience in machine tooling in several sectors including window machinery manufacturers, tooling manufacturers, capital steel equipment. Our collective knowledge is our greatest strength, an amalgamation of vastly experience employees putting together their "best" version of machine tooling. Selling DIN standard saw blades just didn't cut it for us (pardon the pun), so we implied our backgrounds to form Duracore.

We look forward to hearing from you, even if its only to exchange knowledge, its what keeps the world revolving so lets unify to help improve manufacturing through networking. Send your manufacturing pictures or tag duracore on Instagram, linkedin, facebook.