We offer DIN standard from stock but also offer custom service to your request. The grid below represents our of the shelf items, either toothed or blanks.


Hollow ground body

Hub around bore

Multi Pin bores - 32mm (2/8/45 + 2/11/63 +2/9/50 PCD)

                             40mm (2/8/55 + 4/12/64 PCD)

                             50mm (4/15/80 + 4/14/85 PCD)


M2 HSS - 64/65Hrc

M35 Cobalt - 65/66Hrc

Standard Black Oxide -Steam Treated
TIN - Titanium Nitride
TICN - Titanium Carbonitride
TIALN - Titanium Aluminum Nitride
Chromium Coatings

Tooth Forms -

(A) (B) (C) (AW) (BW) (BR)

HSS Cold Saw Blades

Our Standard Stock

HSS Cold Saws.png

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